Our place in the industry – to participate in the development and improvement of the state infrastructure with our extensive experience, continuously growing professionalism and modern resources, thereby contributing to the economic prosperity of Latvia, comfort for the people and clean environment.
Safe roads for a safe tomorrow!



Quality in everything we do!

Quality is our daily reality – building good roads, cooperation with clients and improvements of internal company processes.


Development – improvement, growth.
Creativity – new techniques, methods, approaches used in the company.

We work believing that a modern company based on continuous improvement and growth, with a constant focus customer satisfaction is the key to our success.


Professional – skilled, hardworking and honest.
Reliable – can rely on in any situation, feels belonging to the company.

Employees are our greatest asset — a single, reliable team of professionals. We are a team of professionals and we take pride in anyone, who has shown their knowledge and professionalism in our company. A need to continuously grow, pride of being part of our company and reliability – these are the characteristics of our staff.


Tradition – continuation of best practice, ensuring belonging, stability and safety, good humour and team spirit.

The best practice and lessons learned throughout our company group’s history are values that deserve continuation. Passing on the stability, good name and team spirit – this is how we see the continuation of our traditions.